1. August 09, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Herbivore Kitchen

    Introducing delicious brownie bakers Herbivore Kitchen! After initially testing her products at the Leith Vegan Market, founder Alison branched out by taking The Herbivore Kitchen to other markets, foodie events and Festivals. The Herbivore Kitchen offers delicious, fudgy, choc-packed brownies,

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  2. July 19, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Paisley Drinks Company

    A name that shouts about it's home town says everything about this company - vibrant and proud! Using an elephant to symbolise their ambitions for growth and become a force in the craft soda revolution, The Paisley Drinks Company offer bold flavours using unrefined sugars and are completely

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  3. July 09, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Bellfield Brewery

    Bellfield Brewery in Edinburgh is the UK's first craft brewery dedicated entirely to gluten-free beer. It’s a brewery with a mission: to create great tasting, gluten-free beer that anyone can drink. Bellfield’s founders are coeliac, so they’re really passionate about what they do; producing beer

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  4. June 20, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Rapscallion

    Supporting local businesses is what we love more than anything. Rapscallion are Glasgow-based makers of craft soda for whom flavour is everything. Gregor Leckie developed his drinks based around seasonal fruit and less sugar; now, after working around the clock, he has managed to make the

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  5. June 04, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Stag Bakeries

    Stag Bakeries is a a family business that has been an integral part of Scotland’s beautiful Hebridean landscape since 1885. In a competitive market where mass production continues to be the dominant force, Stag Bakeries offers its growing number of discerning customers something less ordinary. T

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  6. May 09, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Ella Drinks

    Ella Drinks are a fantastic producer of three all-natural ranges of delicious fresh fruit juices, based in Angus in the East of Scotland. Their most distinctive product is the deliciously sparkling raspberry juice drink Bouvrage, which they have been making for nearly 20 years, taking Scottish

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  7. April 24, 2019

    Greencity Palm / SLS Free Soaps

    New Formula Greencity Palm / SLS Free Soaps

    Established in 2004, our Greencity soaps are already a firm favourite amongst our customers. On their 15th anniversary, we have decided to rework the formula for our soaps and have taken the decision to remove the Palm Oil and SLS from

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  8. April 19, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Bon Accord

    Founded in the early 1900’s by brothers Thomas and David Robb, then expanded by Thomas’s four sons, Bon Accord has always been a family business with strong Scottish roots. With factories in Aberdeen and Arbroath, depots in Inverness and the Central Belt, and a fleet of iconic lorries, the

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  9. April 11, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Aye Pickled

    This week's six questions are with Aye Pickled, whose vibrant range of pickles, slaws, and sauces we've been happily stocking since the beginning of this year.

    Based in Edinburgh, and a regular fixture of the city's flourishing food market scene, Aye Pickled look to reinvent the

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  10. April 05, 2019

    Six Questions from Greencity with Growers Garden

    This week's six questions are with Growers Garden, a collective of Scottish farmers based in Fife who are bringing their generational knowledge of good farming practices together to create innovative, food-waste-fighting snacks in the form of their delicious broccoli-based crisps! Growers

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