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Hot Sauce Quattro Gift Set *FT* 1x(4x240ml)
SKU: OL11354A

Tantalise your tastebuds with Ukuva iAfrica's Chilli Hot Sauce Collection! This gift set includes the Fire, Peri Peri, Gold Curry and Mamba sauces.

Fire sauce is a moderately hot, red chilli sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavour.

This Peri Peri sauce is a dark chilli sauce with a spice edge and a taste of black pepper. 

Gold sauce is built on a base of fresh vegetables - this means the chilli (a combination of dried red and fresh green Serrano) is hot - but intensely flavourful and deliciously more-ish.

Mamba is HOT (but not excruciatingly, searingly hot). Fresh and fragrant, it is light, 'green' and - paradoxically - deeply, intensely flavourful.