• Vegan
Cold Brew Coffee Oat M*lk Chocolate 15x130g
SKU: CH12616A

Otherly chocolate is 100% slave free as certified by slavefreetrade® International, a volunteer-based, start-up Social Innovation NGO with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. They use a 10-point framework covering all points of international human rights law that relate to workplace conditions, which collectively define 'decent work’. For more information on this framework and certification see www.slavefreetrade.org/

Otherly chocolate is made in Scotland in sunny South Queensferry.

For the coffee and plant-based chocolate lovers, OTHERLY Cold brew Coffee Oatm*lk 43% cacao content is the ideal option to savour the rounded full-bodied tones of our selected blend of roasted coffee, matching the chocolate-like tones and cereal notes delivered by the creamy-melting rate of this exclusive bar made with fine flavour cocoa beans from Colombia.