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Oatly Availability

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Statement from Oatly regarding stock availability:

"Dear Customer 

As I am sure you are aware, since July this year Oatly has experienced unprecedented growth and demand for some of the core Oatly lines. Unfortunately, this spike in demand has coincided with temporary production disturbances in our Landskrona production facility. 

The reality is that up until February 2018 Oatly Barista 1L and other 1L skus wil

l be tight with sporadic shortages. From Feb 2018 however, we have confidence in an improved supply situation. The following interventions have now been confirmed:

• An external filling partner has now started running weekend production from immediate effect. 

• w.c 20/11/17 Oatly will prioritise the UK, stopping delivery into smaller European markets. 

• Oatly have now signed an agreement with an additional co-packer, increased productions start from this week 

• Oatly production planning to move to UK early 2018. 

This is the company’s single biggest intervention to date, directly benefiting the UK market. We will update you on our plans in the coming months. Our focus is to ensure we have the right solutions to supply the ever-increasing demand of Oatly in the UK market. We’ll work closely with your supply teams in the interim."

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