1. July 27, 2023

    Q&A with Social Bite

    Social Bite began life as a small coffee shop in Edinburgh, in August 2012. They’re now a busy charity and social business providing homes, jobs, food, and support to empower people to transform their own lives. Social Bite’s vision is a society where no one should have to be homeless, and they challenge the

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  2. June 14, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with EATS Rosyth

    EATS Rosyth was founded in 2016, with the aim of supporting the local community by improving food education and reducing waste. Consisting of the Community Garden and Centenary Orchard, EATS is a project encouraging people to get involved in making the town (and world!) a better place. The new EATS Rosyth

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  3. May 19, 2023

    Greencity Q&A with Bonjour

    Bonjour first opened its doors on 5th June 2021 in the Saltmarket area of Glasgow. Bringing a fresh perspective to Glasgow's Queer nightlife scene, they're a club, events, and community space that

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  4. March 10, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with Narture

    Narture is one of a kind, fusing art projects with good healthy eating, supporting artists and providing food as it should be - fresh and natural. Ayr is one of Scotland’s most scenic towns with great historical and cultural significance, so it is great to hear from a dynamic business at the heart o

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  5. March 10, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with Refuweegee

    This month we decided to make our donation to a Glaswegian charity responsible for giving displaced people from all over the world that warm welcome that Glasgow is so well known for. As it happens the majority of Greencity members were not actually born in Glasgow but have chosen to make it their home

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  6. January 09, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with Soul Food Kitchen

    Soul Food Kitchen burst onto the vegan food scene almost 4 years ago with promises of a delicious, plant based menu that will enable you to eat the rainbow while nourishing your body and your soul. And they have not disappointed! We had a word with Bobby Bashir - hotel owner and brains behind the SFK,

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  7. November 14, 2022

    Six Questions from Greencity with The Good Food Project

    The Good Food Project launched earlier this year as a group purchasing initiative for people across the UK to buy ethically-sourced food as well as safer and better quality household cleaning and personal care products. Their aim is to leverage combined purchasing power to negotiate the best deals and

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  8. September 08, 2022

    Six Questions from Greencity with Glasgow Food Not Bombs

    We were delighted to make our monthly donation to Glasgow Food Not Bombs this month. They’re a group who we really admire with their no nonsense approach to giving away free vegan food to anybody who needs or wants it. The group answered 6 questions to help us learn a little bit more about what they s

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  9. August 30, 2022

    Six Questions from Greencity with Dear Green Coffee

    Established in 2011, Dear Green Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and supplier of exclusively ‘speciality’ grade coffee beans. They are based a stone’s throw from Greencity and were the obvious choice to ask for help when we wanted to develop a new Organic coffee blend. We loved working with them

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  10. July 08, 2022

    Six Questions from Greencity with The Drill Hall Pantry

    The Drill Hall Pantry in Parkhead is a charity that allows its members access to good food at minimum cost. You can find the pantry within a beautiful old schoolhouse, a stones throw from Greencity HQ, where it is run by a social enterprise called Unity. They organise all sorts of initiatives to encourage

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