1. November 27, 2023

    Doughlicious Donation

    Liz Grieve previously ran a very popular tearoom which was supplied by none other than Greencity. Although the tearoom is no longer running Liz has been keeping very busy indeed. She runs a not for profit organisation called Doughlicious which embraces the slow food movement and empowers people to bake

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  2. November 06, 2023

    Donation to Sunny's Kitchen at Crunchy Carrot

    We’re always on the lookout for worthy recipients of our donation of free, healthy food. The Crunchy Carrot have long been customers and friends of Greencity and when their community meals scheme was brought to our attention, we were delighted to be able to offer a donation to them. Their Development O

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  3. October 10, 2023

    6 Questions with B Healthy Together

    We had been looking for an Edinburgh based project to receive our healthy food donation when we came across B Healthy Together and they could not align more perfectly with our ideals. We love the work they do and were delighted to send some healthy food their way! We asked Rebecca to tell us a bit more

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  4. August 28, 2023

    6 Questions with Garnethill Multicultural Centre

    The Garnethill Community Meal was suggested to Greencity as a potential recipient of our monthly charitable donation. We were so impressed with the work they do right in the heart of the city we were more than happy to provide them with a chunk of healthy wholefoods to help support their weekly Community

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  5. August 14, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with Tarbert Soup Group

    We were recently contacted by Heather who runs a small charity in Tarbert called Tarbert Soup Group. She had heard from one of our founding members that we sometimes have surplus food stuffs and very politely requested if we could send some her way. We were very happy to be able to give our entire monthly

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  6. August 01, 2023

    Spice Pots Vegetable Madras Curry

    Spice Pots were developed as a shortcut by a busy Mum of 3 to make it quite quick and easy to create curry at home. With these pre-blended spices, there is no need to buy a whole host of individual spices that may sit at the back of your cupboard for years AND the preparation time is massively reduced.

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  7. July 27, 2023

    Recipe - Za'atar Pasta from Biladi Foods

    Biladi, meaning ‘from the land,’ was founded by childhood friends who come from a small, beautiful village in the South of Lebanon. Inspired by the quality of the local produce and delicious Lebanese flavours, they decided to bring Biladi to the world. We recently started stocking a s

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  8. July 27, 2023

    Q&A with Social Bite

    Social Bite began life as a small coffee shop in Edinburgh, in August 2012. They’re now a busy charity and social business providing homes, jobs, food, and support to empower people to transform their own lives. Social Bite’s vision is a society where no one should have to be homeless, and they challenge the

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  9. June 14, 2023

    Six Questions from Greencity with EATS Rosyth

    EATS Rosyth was founded in 2016, with the aim of supporting the local community by improving food education and reducing waste. Consisting of the Community Garden and Centenary Orchard, EATS is a project encouraging people to get involved in making the town (and world!) a better place. The new EATS Rosyth

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  10. May 19, 2023

    Greencity Q&A with Bonjour

    Bonjour first opened its doors on 5th June 2021 in the Saltmarket area of Glasgow. Bringing a fresh perspective to Glasgow's Queer nightlife scene, they're a club, events, and community space that

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