We like to think we have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to providing you with the best in high-quality, low-cost nutritious ingredients and when it comes to beans, pulses and a whole array of dried legumes, we’ve got you covered, in fact you might even say we’ve got a favalanche of options!

We’ve bean around...

Greencity Wholefoods have bean on the scene (see what we did there) since 1978, and in fact we started off by supplying local businesses with dried foods including beans and pulses, prepacked and in bulk. We even had a wholefoods café at The Glasgow Garden Festival back in 1988, which was all about beans! That’s why we love the ‘Beans is How’ campaign from SDG2 , which primarily aims to double the global consumption of beans by 2028, and we’re only too happy to help . You can find out more about the ‘Beans is How’ initiative and how to get more involved at: www.sdg2advocacyhub.org/beans-is-how


Why beans, you ask?

  • Beans are low cost, versatile and tasty – beans come in many shapes and sizes, are relatively easy to grow, and compared to other sources of protein are much more affordable.
  • Beans are good for the environment – because growing bean crops fixes nitrogen in the soil which helps reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.
  • Beans are nutritious – being a great source of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Beans are good for food security – and are a product that can sustain the growers and farmers as well as being sent to market.

We’re also delighted to see Glasgow’s own action to promote greater use of beans as a low cost, affordable and eco-friendly food, in the shape of ‘Glasgow’s Full of Beans’ campaign. This campaign to get more beans on Glasgow plates is brought to you by Glasgow Food Policy Partnership and Glasgow Community Food Network, together with Slow Food Glasgow, 'Food For Life' Soil Association and Glasgow City Council's School Catering Team. Visit the new Glasgow Full of Beans web page to find out more about what they are doing here: www.goodfoodforall.co.uk/projects/fullofbeans/


Beans for a bargain!

In celebration of this faba-ulous drive to promote eating more beans, we’ve put some of our own popular organic dried pulses on special offer through March and April and you’ll be able to stock up on 500g and 3kg packs of Greencity’s organic chickpeas, red lentils, aduki, and butter beans at 15% off the usual price, so you can be full of beans for less cost.


Bean and done it

But (er’ beans) we can’t go on talking about pulses without also mentioning some of the other great bean-loving brands we stock, so let us introduce you to some of our fava-rites… (sorry not sorry).


Bold Bean Co.

Amelia, founder of Bold Bean Co., got started in the bean business from a basement flat in Madrid. With a background in sustainability, and driven by a passion for taste and quality, Amelia and her team have gone on to achieve a beautifully presented and Great Taste award winning range of ready to eat pulses www.boldbeanco.com

See all Bold Bean Co. products at Greencity



Founded in 2012, Hodmedod’s started with a mission to provide good quality food produced by British farmers. Today, their mission remains strong and their beans and peas are all still grown in the UK, which means their food miles are minimal. When you use Hodmedod’s beans you’re supporting an independent business dedicated to providing pulses of the highest quality www.hodmedods.co.uk

See all Hodmedod's products at Greencity.



Self-sufficiency and sustainability were core to founder Noel’s beliefs when he first entered the world of wholefood retail in the 1980s. In the 1990s Noel joined forces with Donata and they ventured into organic food production and the Biona brand was born. Biona remains family owned and they now offer a range of over 400 organic products, including a very broad range of organic beans www.biona.co.uk

See all Biona products at Greencity.


Mr Organic

The Mr Organic brand came about when three friends - realising switching to organic agriculture would improve taste, health and the environment - set about making it ‘easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle’. They started off by growing organic tomatoes on their farm in Pontinia, Italy, and have since gone on to achieve a range of organic products numbering in the hundreds, including a great selection of canned beans and pulses. www.mr-organic.com

See all Mr Organic products at Greencity.


Thanks for reading our article on beans, we hope you found it useful. If nothing else it was a great op-pea-tunity to indulge in some great, well at least a great many, pulse puns!