Bonjour first opened its doors on 5th June 2021 in the Saltmarket area of Glasgow. Bringing a fresh perspective to Glasgow's Queer nightlife scene, they're a club, events, and community space that prioritises underrepresented groups in the LBGTQ+ community, including People of Colour, Trans and Non-binary people, Sex Workers, Queer people with disabilities and Queer women. Since opening, they've weathered various storms: the pandemic, unforeseen closures, the reoccurring theft of Divine’s portrait from their unisex toilets, and now the cost of living crisis. A fellow workers coop, we were happy to be able to donate some drinks and snacks to top up their bar offerings recently, and we also asked them to tell us a bit more about this unique venue and what they're doing differently.


Tell us about how it all started and a little more about BONJOUR

We opened Bonjour in response to a need for a genuinely intersectional Queer space in Glasgow - specifically one that prioritises the experience and needs of underrepresented groups in the LGBTQ+ community: People of Colour, Trans and Nonbinary people, Queer women, Sex Workers and Queer people with disabilities. It was important that such a space be cooperatively owned and run by its workers, all of whom are part of the community who use the space.


Tell us a bit more about the things you do to support the LGBTQ+ community in Glasgow.

We facilitate the use of our space with a focus on challenging barriers to physical, financial and social accessibility. We aim to keep our prices low and accessible to those with limited funds - from drinks prices to hire fees, often operating our doors on a sliding scale and with a blanket policy of “no one turned away for lack of funds”. Additionally we have a taxi fund for customers that enables safer travel to and from the venue as required, as well as food and clothes banks for those who need them.

We actively support events and club nights run by and for individuals who lack representation and opportunities within nightlife and the arts. Mojxmma, Orisha, Q’iwa, Phat, Ponyboy and KIN.X have all been supported by Bonjour.

Additionally we are growing our daytime and evening events programme with a focus on wellbeing, skills development and sober activities. This includes screenings, book and zine launches, community meals, life drawing sessions and movement workshops.

Ultimately we aim to provide a space in which everyone in our community can let loose and have fun but also feel safe, comfortable, and celebrated.



What can members of the public do to help support your organisation?

Come & have a good time! We’re open most days of the week and everyone is welcome as long as they’re respectful of the space. If you can’t make it in person you can also make a donation to our fundraiser on ko-fi. If you make a monthly pledge we might even send you some goodies in the post ;)


Why did you choose Greencity Wholefoods as one of your key suppliers for Bonjour?

We’re both Glasgow based CO-OPs doing good things! We think it’s more important than ever to support local businesses when possible, as they contribute so much more to the development of our city and local communities. Additionally, cooperatives provide workers with an opportunity to own and control their workplace, which leads to higher job satisfaction, more ethical business practice and an equitable distribution of wealth.


If you could invite 6 people, living or dead, to a dream all-night disco party who would you invite and why?

Divine - The reigning queen of filth: her framed portrait has been stolen from our toilets on so many occasions that we had to stop replacing it

Marsha P. Johnson - Her involvement in the stonewall riots & activism at the start of the gay rights movement make her one of the most important and inspirational figures in queer history

Sophie Xeon - Local trans icon, legendary musician, and in our hearts forever <3

Frankie Knuckles - One of the earliest pioneers of House Music in the early 80s - a lot of dance music to this day borrows from the Chicago sound he helped develop.

Arca - Trans Venezuelan musician who’s been at the bleeding edge of contemporary dance music in the last decade.

Kitty Tsui - Bodybuilder who served butch leather looks and also the first known Cantonese lesbian author. Big vibes!


Thanks to Kirsty for answering our questions! Find out more at