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Strip Wash Laundry Strips - Fragrance Free 13x24 strips
SKU: CP12002A

The power of regular brands compressed into a lightweight strip that gives your clothes a proper good wash. 

Zero mess: Big plastic bottle, bulky boxes and cluttered cabinets are a thing of the past. ecoLiving's packaging is super thin so you can easily slot it away and reclaim your cupboard space.

Zero fuss: No more measuring cups or sticky patches, just grab a strip and toss it in with your washing. Lovely stuff.

Zero waste: StripWash dissolves in the wash, leaving behind nothing but clean clothes and a clean conscience.

Zero water: The strips are super lightweight, and use 94% less carbon emissions than transporting regular heavy water based or powder detergents. 

How to use
Washing Machine
Pop the strip directly into the drum of your washing machine alongside clothes & start. Suitable for all types of machines.

Regular load (4-5 kg): 1 strip
Extra filthy load: 2 strips
Small load (2-2½ kg): ½ a strip (Tear along the perforation for ½ a strip)

The strips dissolve quickly in hot or cold water, perfect for camping, holidays & festivals.

A few items: ½ a strip
Lots of items: 1 strip