• Vegan
Concentrated Floor Cleaner 1x5lt
SKU: CP12229A

This eco-friendly concentrated floor cleaner is designed to effectively remove dirt, grease and grime. With its plant based, non toxic, biodegradable formulation you can wash your floors with a clean conscience.  It is quick working to tackle stains and leave floors clean and shiny. Use on hard floors including laminate, polished floors, ceramic tiles, stone, slate and vinyl. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Available in refillable 100% PCR 750ml bottles and 5L Containers making single use plastic a thing of the past.  

- Removes dried on mud/footprints/paw prints

- Removes tough stains (dried liquid food and drink, spilled ketchup, mud, soil, tea, coffee)

- Removes dust, micro dirt and odours

- Easy to rinse off and leave residue and streak free

- Clean fresh smell after cleaning

- Suitable for everyday mopping or spot cleaning

- Safe for use around pets (ensure the floor is dried)