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Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit 12x1
SKU: CP12387A

SPRAY CLEANER FOR CLEANING ANY SURFACE: Degreaser spray, kitchen spray, kitchen cleaner spray, wood cleaner, pvc cleaner, countertops, wood, textiles and even plants.

HOW IT WORKS. Fill a dry spray bottle with tap water and dissolve a tablet. Allow to fully dissolve to make 300ML of powerful Multi Surface Cleaner (2-3 months of cleaning). This pack includes 1 refillable spray bottle and 1 probiotic Multi-Purpose cleaning tablet with a light, allergen-free lemon scent. Makes 1 bottle of Multi Surface Cleaner.

CLEAN LESS, LIVE MORE. Each all purpose cleaner pearl contains 50 billion bacteria, ready to help you clean your surface. Tried and tested by our customers to fight dirt and grime in a long-lasting way. Tested alongside leading competitors.

SAVE SPACE AND THE PLANET. Buy the bottle once, refill forever. No more throwing away plastic bottles or shipping water. Easy to store, easy to use. Refills packed in compostable paper-based packaging.

SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS. Restore your home's natural balance for healthy indoor living. 15 billion natural allies from the forest that protect and purify your home. Remove VOCs, allergens, dust and molds.

Probiotics use are food-safe. Vegan, Ecocert, 1% for the planet. Made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalate.