New Formula Greencity Palm / SLS Free Soaps

Established in 2004, our Greencity soaps are already a firm favourite amongst our customers. On their 15th anniversary, we have decided to rework the formula for our soaps and have taken the decision to remove the Palm Oil and SLS from them.

Many people are now aware of the environmental issues caused by the palm oil industry. We listen to our customers, and we understand their concerns. Whilst we understand that palm is a high yielding crop and that sustainable sources have their place, we do want to explore alternatives.

As such, we have worked closely with our supplier to develop this new soap formula that contains no palm oil or any derivatives thereof.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) is a surfactant and lathering agent which is derived mainly from palm oil. Although experts have agreed it is safe to use, it can be drying on skin which can aggravate certain sensitivities. We have decided to remove SLS from our soaps altogether as we have listened to our customers concerns and we want our soaps to be usable by all.

The new formula is still vegan of course and available in all the scents you know and love.

Clean bodies and a clean conscience - what’s not to love!