This week's Six Questions are with Merchant City Brewing Co, whose local craft beer reflects the quality, character and diversity that makes up the best of Glasgow's Merchant City.

Head Brewer, Adam, is a Masters Graduate from Heriot Watt's renowned faculty of Brewing & Distilling, with over 5 years experience working at some of Scotland's top Independent Breweries; under his watchful eye, Merchant City Brewery turns out a wide range of beers, from the Scottish Beer Awards-recognised Unit 1 Red and American Pale, to their easy-drinking certified Gluten Free Session Ale. We heard from co-founder James Kidd about how this young business is finding their feet.

How/why and when did you start your business?

Merchant City Brewing started in mid 2017, the idea was to create a range of beers andultimately a tap room/destination brewery in Glasgow`s Merchant City.


2. What advice would you give to someone starting a new business in the sector?


Have a vision and stick to it! It`s easy to get distracted by the changes in the industry, but having a vision is important.


3. What motivates you?


Beer and people, meeting the right people and entering into lasting business relationships is a big motivation in what I do. And, the love of beer.



4. How do you think the food & drinks industry could improve?

Helping out the small guys… I guess, more incentives to encourage idea development. And, an easier route to export.


5. Is there an individual or organisation, current or in the past, who inspires you?


I love what the Verdant brewery is doing, they have had an idea of what beer they want to brew and have worked and worked to make it better.



6. Apart from Greencity, which other three or more people, living or deceased, would you invite to make a dinner party entertaining?


  • Jim Morrison (The Doors)
  • Billy Connelly
  • Bjork


If you’d like any more information about Merchant City Brewing's products, you can check out their website at or contact the Greencity Sales Team who are always happy to help.