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Spring Cleaning

Hello! I'm Marie Savage, co-founder of independent household cleaning product manufacturer, Humblestuff. Now that it's Spring, it's a good time to think about spring cleaning.Spring cleaning has deep cultural significance in many parts of the world. For example, the Chinese new year takes place later than the Western new year and closer to the start of Spring. The Chinese [...]

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2018 Sugar Tax

LIPS LIKE SUGARApril sees a major change in the drinks industry, with the introduction of the sugar tax. We thought we would provide some information to help you to understand the consequences, and how it will affect you through pricing. This increase is applied at source, so you will see an increase in the price of affected products [...]

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Dark Speckled Lentils

Some of our customers may have had difficulty locating "Puy-Type" lentils on our website over the last few weeks.  We were recently contacted by DEFRA, who asked us to remove the words "Puy" and "Puy-Type" from our products now known as Dark Speckled Lentils. "Puy" lentils are AOC protected (appellation d'origine contrôlée) and only come from the region of Le [...]

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