In a world where we are all trying to do more in life, Days Brewing have created a couple of non-alcoholic beers to help us. Their drinks allow you to catch up friends and nurse a couple of beers without nursing a hangover the next day. You can stay fresh and be ready to go for a busy lifestyle.

Founded in September last year, Days Brewing are matured for flavour, balance and aroma, and are brewed using local ingredients. They’re vegan friendly too!



1. How/why and when did you start your business?

We launched the business in September 2020 because we love great beer and all that it brings but we don’t want the side effects of alcohol to get in the way of our Days. We wanted to create a refreshing and sessionable 0.0% option with all the flavour and sociability of beer that can be enjoyed with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We create authentically 0.0% abv beers by combining locally sourced Scottish water, malt barley and a unique alcohol-free brewing technique. Conventionally brewed no & low beers are often produced at full strength before being exposed to high energy heat treatments that evaporate their alcohol content; a process which also compromises their taste. Our innovative method not only protects the integrity of its premium ingredients, but also ensures that each and every drop of unadulterated flavour makes its way into the bottle. 


2. What advice would you give to someone starting a new business in the sector?

Focus on doing a few things and become famous for doing them really well. 


3. What motivates you?

I’m motivated by a desire to have a positive impact, and that was a major reason why we created Days - to help our community live happier and healthier lives. I can see the beers making a positive impact with each purchase and through our Days Duty initiative we donate 2% of our sales to mental health initiatives which allows us to have an even bigger impact beyond our beer. 


4. How do you think the food & drinks industry could improve?

Health is more and more of a priority for people and that’s one area that the food and drinks industry can positively promote. I’d love to see more support across the whole industry for initiatives that make it easier for consumers to understand the health credentials of their products. We’re very proud to buck the trend of the alcohol industry by declaring the number of calories clearly on our packaging, for example. 


5. Is there an individual or organisation, current or in the past, who inspires you?

I take inspiration from lots of places, one that is relevant right now is Marcus Rashford. He’s done an amazing job using his platform to promote free school meals for children and he’s brought so much attention to that important issue. 


6. Apart from Greencity, which other three or more people, living or deceased, would you invite to make a dinner party entertaining?

For pure entertainment value I would invite Steve Coogan, I’m a big fan of Alan Partridge. If he’s coming along then I’d also invite Rob Brydon so they could throw in a few impressions of famous people. Sticking to comedy my third guest would be Tina Fey to guarantee and entertaining dinner!


Find out more about Days Brewing at To include their beers on your next Greencity order, shop here.